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Launch Process

Launching – it’s something we have down to a science. (No, really. It’s a science.) There are six steps we journey through with every client, though that doesn’t mean every launch is the same. Each will have its nuances, successes, shortcomings, and quirks. However, from beginning to end, we know what works and what the media will find most useful when we get their attention. We look forward to shaping the launch process for you. (You can contact us here if you’re ready to make that leap.)


We help you gather the tools, resources and intelligence you’ll need to energize your leap – figure out whom you need to be talking to at that point in your own, your company’s, product’s or service’s lifecycle, and how to reach them. Maybe it’s a particular conference. Or mass media like the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal, or blogs like TechCrunch or VentureBeat, or the parents on Techlicious, or the 18-25 year-olds on Billboard, GeekSugar, or CosmoGirl. Or all of them.

Step Two:  PUSH OFF

You know what’s going to carry your launch forward? What will make it go higher, brighter, louder? Simplicity. Lack of pretense. Being able to tell your story to the right audience in terms that neither talk down nor overreach.

And oddly, that can be the hardest part of any launch or elevation program – finding the right way to tell your story to the right audience. Because if investors, partners, customers or users may care about different things – but it won’t matter a fig how cool you, your company or service is if they don’t understand what it is and why it’s different.

We are current and former journalists ourselves, and we work hard to find the intersection between the story you want to tell and the story the media thinks would be cool to write. We’ll help you understand how to tell your story from your audience’s point of view – so that they get it. It takes work, but it pays off. Every time. We’ll help you create press- and community-friendly materials if you need them, as well. No problem.

Step Three:  APPROACH

This is where the research and time building the story begins to pay off. We build you a timeline, backed out from your launch or news date; then we begin helping you reach the reporters, analysts, influencers or peers you need to help tell and spread your story. This is why we should like each other. We’ll be talking. A lot. If we need to regroup we will, but this is where it starts to get fun – you can feel the lift coming.

Step Four:  STRIDE

Story – vivid, clear, simple language. Everyone should know what you stand for, and how to tell that story without using $10-dollar words.

Materials – Video, screenshots, background, news and more. Check.

Interest – started.

Briefings – starting to come in.

Requests – extra interviews, customers available, facts checked, other sources – obtained.

Plan B – figured out.

As many ways for you to be prepared as we can give you? Check. But the uncertainty is part of the fun. Facebook announces a major strategy, a major IPO hits the newswires, or war is declared (all of these have happened to us on announcement days) – regardless of the scenario, we collectively have a plan and understand what’s next.

Step Five:  LAUNCH

Oh. You thought you were done? No, this is the day that if all goes well you have good problems: server overloads, call centers, email inboxes overflowing with notes from friends, investors, customers and, uh, people trying to sell you things.

It’s also the day you see how you actually were covered – what stuck, what did not. Whether you were launching, or simply getting cool news or thought leadership pieces out… you take the lessons you learned and roll them into the next step.

Step Six:  LAND…and gather strength once again

Now… is not the time to go quiet. People know who you are, and may want to know your next move. So give them one. That’s your next media strategy challenge. But it’s simple physics: is it easier to get activity from a body in motion? Or a body that’s come to a full stop? Exactly. We can help you figure out ways – big or small – to keep that positive momentum going.