To Thine Own Self… Why the Public Forgives (Or Doesn’t) In A Crisis

One dusty midsummer day many years ago my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Like most families facing that news, we were traumatized: grieving, shaken, worried, we turned everywhere for answers, including the Susan B. Komen Foundation.  Ominously, that same year, three friends were diagnosed with breast cancer as well. We needed a place to coalesce and.. read more →

No Capes! Or, When to Take Good Advice

This is the age where, as one former Facebook genius put it, “the best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads.”  (Which is its own post.  But we digress.) Youth is rewarded. Fresh ideas are built on open APIs. There are apps, clouds and new newer ideas built on.. read more →

Why Don’t Reporters Quote Messages? Inconceivable!

In one office I keep a wall of quotes I’ve either clipped or — because they so delighted me — I copied by hand and tacked up like a fangirl. They’re not from celebs or gurus, but from the news media.  Here’s a few favorites: “The next time there’s a gold rush like this, if.. read more →