31 Jul 2010

Why leap?

Leap forward. Leap over the competition. It sounds like joy, it sounds like movement, it sounds like something you have to do to get to the next place.

And let’s not forget the leap of faith:

Believing that when you jump, you will not crash. That you have the strength, the ability, the vision and belief, to jump out from safety — across a chasm of whatever uncertainties make up your own personal moat — and get to somewhere better, dammit.

So yes, that’s why we’re called Leap! Public Relations. We’ve taken some of the world’s biggest and tiniest companies and found the story that would help them leap over their competition — in front of some of the world’s smartest and most influential media. The Wall Street Journal? Sure. Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, TechCrunch? Of course. The New York Times, CNN, Entertainment Weekly… the point is not just the names, it’s whether they reach the people whose attention you need. If it ends up being Organic Retailer or Fierce VoIP, that’s perfect too.

Our specialty is launching and then building market share for emerging companies. But that’s more than just startups. You can emerge at any stage, really: it’s about rising out of the c**p around you and building something incredibly great. We help you figure out whom you should be talking to, and then find a story to tell and a way to reach them that honestly merits their attention.

We are strategic. We are creative. And when it matters, we are downright no-nonsense.

Most of all, we’re smart, we’re fun, and … we’re leaping right along with you.

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