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gild_logoRGB-regGild, a Silicon Valley start-up that uses big data to analyze developers, came to us before its launch. Like many tech start-ups, Gild needed to build brand awareness, extend its client base and connect with investors.

With hundreds of players vying to be the next big thing in Big Data, the industry and media landscapes were noisy and confusing. Our goal was to make Gild stand out from the “tools” and “solutions,” by presenting the company as a thought leader using Big Data to change lives by bringing meritocracy to hiring.


Gild uses Big Data to evaluate developers. The Gild Source, their flagship product, is an algorithm that incorporates hundreds of data points to uncover the true skills of a candidate. This story could be dry, but by bringing Big Data to hiring, Gild was changing lives. Where candidates were once recruited because of where they went to college or who they knew, developers could now be evaluated based on what they could actually do. Gild’s algorithm brought meritocracy to hiring.  With “hiring is broken” as our battle cry, we would present Gild as a thought leader – not just on data science, but also on the failures of hiring and recruiting in Silicon Valley.


We targeted a mix of tech influencers to cover topics ranging from recruiting challenges and innovations to the shortage of good developer talent to women in business to start-ups to watch.

We developed stories that used real people to show the dramatic results of Gild’s data science innovations. Starting with Gild’s customers, we showed how Gild was able to find candidates where traditional recruiting methods had failed. We also told Gild’s stories, including how they used their own technology to find one of the best Ruby on Rails developers in the country who had previously  been overlooked because he didn’t have a bachelor’s degree. These real life examples helped Gild increase brand awareness and raise their credibility.

From the beginning, we wanted Gild to be seen as more than a solution. We wanted to present Gild as fixing an industry that was obsessed with efficiency, but often hampered by bias.

Over the next year, we targeted investors with coverage in VentureBeat, AllThingsD, and TechCrunch; connected with thought leaders with stories in the Washington Post, MIT Technology Review, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, NBC, Inc. Magazine, and the Huffington Post; and reached out to direct leads with stories in HR trade magazines. Leap landed Gild a major feature in the New York Times’ Sunday Business section and a six page feature in O Magazine. Another feature is due in the Atlantic this fall, and we have nominated — and execs have won — several cool awards.


Since we started working with Gild, the company received an 8 million dollar series-A funding and has become synonymous with meritocracy in tech hiring.  After the Sunday Business feature in The New York Times, Gild had a massive increase in inbound leads. Gild had five-times more website visitors than the next highest traffic day that year.  The month after The New York Times article was published, Gild experienced the most sales bookings in a month that year, a rate three times higher than the previous month’s.

Michael Stapleton, Gild’s VP of Marketing says, “Leap embodies what PR firms should be like, but rarely are. They don’t talk vaguely about generating buzz. Leap team members talk about building awareness and generating demand among target audiences, and then they follow up rigorously to monitor results.”

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