If you’re wondering, “Why the heck haven’t they updated in a while?,” well, it’s because this lovely website is a little behind the times. We are building a cool new site that makes it easy to see what we’re up to on any device — no more pinching and scrolling. So stay tuned! read more →

Spin? Lie? Why Smart Companies Shouldn’t Do Either. Really.

“There’s been some bad behavior,” they told me. “We wonder how much you’d charge to help us with it. Maybe a campaign, shifting attention to the accuser, and to help us get out messages reminding stakeholders of our values and all we stand for. Not that we should spin it. But you know… spin it.”    The.. read more →

Leap PR Wins National PR Award — Versus Agencies and In-House Teams With Budgets and Teams Triple Its Size

We are proud to announce that Leap Public Relations has won PR Daily’s Best Integration of Public Relations/Media Relations in a Business Campaign Award for 2013. read more →

To Thine Own Self… Why the Public Forgives (Or Doesn’t) In A Crisis

One dusty midsummer day many years ago my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Like most families facing that news, we were traumatized: grieving, shaken, worried, we turned everywhere for answers, including the Susan B. Komen Foundation.  Ominously, that same year, three friends were diagnosed with breast cancer as well. We needed a place to coalesce and.. read more →

No Capes! Or, When to Take Good Advice

This is the age where, as one former Facebook genius put it, “the best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads.”  (Which is its own post.  But we digress.) Youth is rewarded. Fresh ideas are built on open APIs. There are apps, clouds and new newer ideas built on.. read more →

Why Don’t Reporters Quote Messages? Inconceivable!

In one office I keep a wall of quotes I’ve either clipped or — because they so delighted me — I copied by hand and tacked up like a fangirl. They’re not from celebs or gurus, but from the news media.  Here’s a few favorites: “The next time there’s a gold rush like this, if.. read more →

Where’s that new content, eh?

So, here’s the deal. I have been wonderfully, luckily, incredibly busy before I even reallytruly launched Leap! Public Relations. So busy in fact, that our poor little website has been the victim of my schedule and major #suckage. So I actually… wait for it! … asked for help. The lovely folks at Extra Strength Marketing.. read more →

Leap of…

Why leap? Leap forward. Leap over the competition. It sounds like joy, it sounds like movement, it sounds like something you have to do to get to the next place. And let’s not forget the leap of faith: Believing that when you jump, you will not crash. That you have the strength, the ability, the.. read more →