About Us

Leap PR was started in July 2010 by Merredith Branscombe, to take the same success she’d brought to clients like Fenwick & West, BumpTop and ThickButtons, and extend it to emerging companies and organizations.

That’s not to say she only likes small companies — far from it, in her career she has made material differences to companies like Anheuser-Busch, HP, Sony, and Philips.

Nothing wrong with that. There’s some amazing innovation coming out of those companies. And helping them keeps our economic engine revved, and makes someone out there oodles of money.

But when you help a really cool, innovative small company get noticed? You change their life. You potentially change the lifestyles of others. You possibly put into someone’s hands a tool that otherwise might never have landed there — like the amazingly cool and fun virtual desktop by BumpTop, launched in April 2009 and acquired by Google almost exactly a year later.

Or you help a small company that is getting bulldozed by untrue rumor and innuendo, as in the case of Colorado-based Natural Grocers. You get to help them through that, and then help them grow.

You see someone working so hard on a smart, useful or even mindblowing endeavor… don’t you want to join in? Don’t you want to help?

We do.

Besides Merredith, there are several brilliant, skilled veterans of the New York, Silicon Valley/Bay Area and Colorado tech scenes, who want to work on anything Leap PR does. For now we will bring in the right people for any project and leave it at that. (Bios available on request)

Across the years we have won tons of awards. But y’know… awards are fine. But when you can change the fabric of a nation, you might be on to something.

And sometimes, the only way to get to that is to… leap.